About Us

TSM was created to bring the latest and in depth analysis in sports such as, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Golf and Racing, TSM will always have you updated with the latest transfers, plays of the week on a weekly basis, as well as player focus.

The Sport Magazine [TSM] is where we would like to make history in the present. TSM is a platform that brings sports closer to lovers of the sport, most sport outlets will give the news straight away, but we deliver the news and break it down into bits in order for fans to gain more knowledge about the sport. Not just breaking it down, also presenting the highlights and articles in an easy way so the fans will be satisfied.

Our main objective is to give the layman who loves the sport the latest developments, news and views. Also we would be bringing the sport loving family together, as fans would have their say about issues that we bring up.

  • We would also use our platform to showcase aspiring unknown players who want to play the sport, we would interview these players and advertise them to the world where they could be recognised and if possible scouted. We act as a middle-man between players and agents or clubs.
  • Also we would encourage young writers by giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents, and if they re good enough they could join The Sport Mag team to kick start their career.

TSM has a loyalty program and it’s a platform for the fans, aimed at rewarding them for their support and participation. During the club season we would make up a fantasy league were we and the fans will compete against each other, also at random prizes will be giving to viewers of the website. Competitions as well will be brought up by the team just to make our relationship with fans family-like.