August blues are over and Harry Kane is hitting the back of the net rather than the bar and side netting. A pack of 13 goals in September is best ever tally in a month, getting a hat-trick and doubles domestically and in Europe, Kane seems to have left the grounding of being an accomplished Premier League goal scorer and is peering and attempting a B and E into the castle of the elite. An empire that is occupied by the footballing emperors such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo alongside generals like Luis Suarez, Roberto Lewandowski, warriors like Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva and rub shoulders with great footballing artists like Luka Modric and Toni Kroos. September was a blissful month for English talisman and he’d be truly sad to see the month come to an end. Is Harry Kane world-class? Yes and only people with a bias will allude to the opposite. Why on earth am I writing this article? Well it’s honestly because my editor wanted me to but he also to help point out any necessary steps that Kane might need to take to rub shoulders with the aforementioned footballing royals. Not like Kane is reading this (hi Harry, if you are reading this) but it’s just a pointer to significant steps which he probably knows he might need to take.

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Frankly, I do not seem to understand the committee responsible for handing out the balon d’or as they seem to shift the goal posts for handing out the award with each new year. Gone are the days when it used to be based on who delivered the best football, goals and assists now seem to be the major criteria. Well hey, a certain Cavani scored 50 goals and they shift the post to trophies achieved but hey it’s not about FIFA and their irregularities. However, if Kane wants to win or have a shot at that honour, he needs to don another Jersey frankly. Tottenham Hotspur may have challenged for the title for the past two seasons but it’d take true delusion not to see that they are reaching. No one sees them getting the league or the Champions League anytime soon, an Fa cup or league cup is highly probable but then the final will probably be held at Wembley and we know their record on their temporary home ground. If Kane has genuine ambitions of hitting his greatest form, he has to be around better players. N’golo Kante was one of the best players in the title-winning season with Leicester City but with Chelsea, his game upped a bit, their was a very visible development in his around game that bumped him to a whole new level. Several examples can be made for players who left clubs to bigger clubs in order to truly become world beaters (Lewandowski, Modric, Bale). There’s something about rubbing shoulders with the best that makes you considered one of the best. Tottenham aren’t going to be winning trophies that’ll take the man to the status he should be at so he’d better jump ship now.

For all the talks surrounding him, Kane seems to have his feet firmly on the ground and this has endeared him to his coach (okay a little too much to his coach) and to his fans. He dishes out the necessary words, never overstepping (see Danny Rose) and giving Tottenham fans all the incentives to believe that he’d be here for a long time. I like to give upcoming talents 3 years to prove their worth and Kane certainly has, well in my eyes. At a bigger club he can be the star man and if he can add a trophy or two, it wouldn’t do bad for a player that certainly has the ability to be a top 3 player especially with the duopoly of Messi and Ronaldo seemingly coming to an end. One club that might appreciate the services will be Real Madrid, with Ronaldo in twilight of his career and Benzema not seemingly improving and Gareth Bale not being consistent enough. This season, shockingly, Madrid have had to struggle for goals with Isco and Ceballos having to help in that department for back to back wins, the Madrid forwards are misfiring and one man who isn’t is Harry Kane. Transfers between Tottenham and Real Madrid shouldn’t be that hard, they probably have each other’s numbers and fax machine codes( see transfers of Gareth Bale and Luka Modric). He’d definitely fit in as a Galactico, provide goals while easing Ronaldo out of the Madrid picture. If he picks up a trophy or two along the way, I can guarantee he’ll be one of the best at what he does and will be considered so by all.

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Will Kane leave Tottenham? I don’t know. Will Kane be able to adapt to a new league? I don’t know. Will Kane be able to keep up his goal scoring antics? I don’t know. One thing I am sure of though is that Kane is a world-class player with terrific abilities and is one of the most complete forwards in the game. Strength, link up player, both feet, even though he is not the fastest his footballing brains help him beat the odd man or two, I feel his aerial ability has not been maximized by Tottenham but he is no slouch in the air and he is a terrific finisher. If Kane can keep his head down, foot on the ground and keep doing what he does, he’ll be great but at a bigger club (sorry Tottenham fans), he’ll be even greater.




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